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July 25, 2015

Wildwood lifeguards rescue family of four from dangerous rip current

Swimmers taken to Cape May Regional Hospital, expected to survive

Beach Rescue
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Rescue at sea

A team of lifeguards made a heroic rescue at a Wildwood, New Jersey, beach Saturday morning after spotting four people caught in a rip current near Schellenger Avenue.

The family of four went swimming at the beach early in the morning without any lifeguard presence or other beachgoers, according to 6 ABC. When lifeguards arrived for work shortly before 10 am, they spotted the family struggling in the water and in need of help.

The team raced out to the water and successfully recovered all four people. One of them, an adult male, was unconscious and required CPR from veteran lifeguard John Rauchut. After the third cycle, Rauchet said, the man began to show signs of life again.

All four family members were taken to Cape May Regional Hospital and are expected to survive.