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November 15, 2015

Zebras caught after escaping from West Philly circus

Animals 'in custody,' police say

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West Philly zebras KoKo Key/Twitter

Two zebras escaped a West Philly circus Sunday, roaming the streets before being captured.

Two zebras that escaped a circus in West Philadelphia Sunday have been captured.

6ABC reports that police were called to 52nd Street and Parkside Avenue around 2 p.m. after the animals broke out of the UniverSoul Circus.

Philadelphia Police tweeted about an hour later that both animals were "in custody," so to speak, joking that they were already wearing "old-timey" prisoners' outfits. Twitter user Rob Perez posted a photo of one of the zebras after it had been caught:

According to NBC Philadelphia, there have been no reports of injuries to any people and how the zebras got loose is still unknown.

UniverSoul Circus released a brief statement following the escape: 

Two zebras briefly went on the loose from the UniverSoul Circus site today in Philadelphia, both have been safely corralled with no injuries.
An investigation is currently underway.

A Twitter user captured video of the Zebras galloping through the city before they were tracked down:

Another person posted a photo of the zebras running through the parking lot of a Planet Fitness:

This is the second notable incident to come out of UniverSoul Circus this Fall. In October, a trapeze artist fell 30 feet into the audience after his partner failed to catch him during a performance.

The circus said that he is expected to fully recover.