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January 02, 2018

6 useful home remedies that actually work

Alternative Medicine Home Remedies

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From a run-of-the-mill headache or cold, to nausea and even smelly feet, the answer to feeling better can sometimes be found right in your own pantry. Take a look at these six home remedies that genuinely work to relieve common physical symptoms:

1. Cough: Honey

Aside from its sweet and delicious taste, honey has a variety of benefits. Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, a spoonful of honey goes a long way in relieving a scratchy throat, particularly for younger children. The next time you or your child has an irritated throat, try a soothing cup of tea with honey. But, remember, honey should never be given to children under a year old.

2. Muscle Pain: Ginger

After a particularly strenuous workout, those day-after muscle aches are an unwelcome guest. Luckily, about two teaspoons of raw ginger a day for up to a week and a half can greatly alleviate pain. Loaded with antioxidants called gingerols that help reduce inflammation, ginger is a post-workout lifesaver. Not only that, ginger helps to relieve nausea, too! Don’t want to eat it raw? Simply chop it up and add it to your favorite stir-fry recipe, toss it on top of sandwiches, or mix it into baked goods.

3. Smelly Feet: Vodka

Let’s face it: we’ve all experienced a less-than-pleasant odor when we step out of our shoes after a long day (or a long work out). While foot odor is nothing to be ashamed of, there is a simple way to rid yourself of the smell. If you keep vodka in your home for cocktails, you’re in luck. Similar to rubbing alcohol, the alcohol inside of vodka works as an antiseptic. By rubbing a vodka-soaked washcloth on your feet, you can wipe out odor-causing bacteria and fungus.

4. Headache: Thyme or Rosemary Essential Oil

Headaches are simply the worst, and over-using over-the-counter medications can actually lead to more severe headaches. Fortunately, there are natural ways to relieve mild headache pain. Gently rubbing a drop or two of rosemary or thyme oil on your temples may help put your head at ease. These oils contain carvacrols, which can be soothing and relaxing.

5. Bloating: Dandelion Tea

If you’re feeling the weighty bloat of water retention, look no further than dandelion tea. With a ton of vitamins and minerals, this dried roots-and-leaves combo has diuretic properties that can help with bloating. Two doses of this tea may be all you need to get rid of water weight and the accompanying unpleasant feeling.

6. Gout Flares: Baking Soda

A gout flare-up is no fun, especially when it comes on at night. Many people who suffer from gout, a type of arthritis, experience swelling and intense pain that is most often found at the base of the big toe. It can also can affect the joints of the feet, ankles, hands, knees, and wrists. While managing and reducing gout flares may require dietary measures and medication, some sufferers find adding 1/2 a cup of baking soda to their bath water soothing during a flare-up.

Luckily, home remedies often provide gentile, mild relief for a variety of common symptoms. So, take a look inside your pantry before automatically heading for the medicine cabinet! And, if you need a doctor’s attention and can’t get an appointment with your regular doctor, head to an urgent care center.

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