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December 19, 2017

Which Philly neighborhood is best for your health?

Wellness Neighborhoods

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Between Philadelphia’s rich history, vibrant social and arts scenes, and many public places to enjoy the outdoors, the city’s unique neighborhoods are bustling with life. And on top of everything else, each one boasts distinct mental and physical health benefits for its residents. Whatever your lifestyle and health routine might involve, there’s certainly a neighborhood that will empower you to thrive.

From sources of culture to an abundance of walking space, find out which Philly neighborhood is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Fitler Square

Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

The best part of this vibrant neighborhood is its proximity to the Schuylkill Banks, one of the city’s greatest exercise and leisure hubs. Nestled along the river, Fitler Square offers a path for runners and bikers, grassy areas for relaxing and yoga classes, as well as options for fishing and boating, giving residents access to the physical health benefits of exercise sans joining a gym. Not only that, but the Schuylkill Banks also offers access to two dog parks, so pet owners can get their exercise in for both themselves and their beloved pooch.

West Philly

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Several areas of West Philly offer plenty of tree-filled parks and sidewalk space to walk, run, bike, or enjoy the fresh air without feeling stifled by the noise and the crowding that comes with city life. Quieter areas to live increase health-related quality of life, and West Philly’s residential spaces are a great place for those who value peace and quiet over hustle and bustle. Check out The Woodlands, a historic, green oasis that’s especially popular among residents wanting to relax and escape.


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Now a hub for funky and accessible music venues like Johnny Brenda’s and The Fillmore, Fishtown has since transformed from the center of the commercial shad fishing industry into the spirited cultural hotspot that it is today. Attending a concert is not only a source of fun, but also helps to relieve negativity by decreasing stress hormones and increasing endorphins. Live music lets concertgoers relax and feel genuinely happy by lowering blood pressure and decreasing heart rate. If you feel best around live music and have a special fondness for local bands, Fishtown might be great for you.


Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Barnes Foundation and many other local museums and art galleries, Fairmount offers a versatile artistic landscape. These cultural resources provide a breadth of mental health benefits: Engaging with art leads to social interaction, increased positive emotions and calmness, and a boost in self-esteem and creativity. Art also brings about a heightened sense of community, and encourages residents to expand their horizons by getting to know one another and engage with others outside of the home.

South Philly

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One of Philadelphia’s most beloved and historical neighborhoods, South Philly is home to an outstanding food scene, innovative local businesses, and an ethnically diverse population. With plenty of farmers’ markets, South Philly offers sustainable and healthy food options. As the home of fresh fruit and vegetable vendors in the incredible Italian market, South Philly is a haven for healthy foodies and families alike.

Rittenhouse Square

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As Philadelphia’s most upscale locale, Rittenhouse Square is often known for swanky restaurants and stores. But with its large and accessible park, close distance to urgent care centers, and multiple yoga and fitness studios, Rittenhouse Square is also a prime place for wellness. Although it’s pricey, Rittenhouse Square is great for residents who genuinely enjoy living in the middle of the action while having many health resources at hand.

From the eclectic culture of Fishtown to the quiet nature of West Philly, each Philadelphia neighborhood offers something special. No matter what you value most in your lifestyle, from exercise to health food to artistic outlets, the city has a distinct area for you. By exploring the city and engaging with its offerings and residents, you can discover the absolute perfect spot for you to call home.

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