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June 24, 2015

Five iced coffee creations to beat Philly's summer heat

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iced coffee ultimo Ultimo Coffee/Instagram

The Lady Idido iced coffee at Ultimo Coffee.

With temperatures hovering above 90 degrees lately, it's time to switch from warm comfort to cool refreshment when it comes to your daily caffeine fix.

Luckily, Philly is a treasure trove of quality coffee shops, many of which feature tasty variations of iced coffee that help beat the summer heat and get your brain wired for the day. 

From the traditional to the nitro-brewed, to the alcohol-infused, here are five iced coffee creations to try right now.

HubBub Coffee Company - 'Nitro' Cold Brew

1717 Arch Street | 3736 Spruce Street | 232 North Radnor Chester Road,
Radnor, PA 
Cold Brew at Hubbub
A cold brew iced coffee at Hubbub. (Daniel Ryan/HubBub Coffee)

This creamy creation from HubBub filters iced coffee through a nitro draft, resulting in a beverage with a frothy, Guinness-like texture. Served without ice, you can sip this one like a beer, only it'll get your brain going instead of loosening you up.

La Colombe - Iced Latte

130 South 19th Street | 1335 Frankford Avenue | 1414 South Penn Square

Iced Latte
Iced latte at La Colombe. (La Colombe/Instagram)

Much like Hubbub's cold brew, La Columbe's new iced latte is a draft drink that has a "milkshake" taste that's "naturally sweet," according to Daily Coffee News. The drink, samples of which have been offered at the store's Philly locations recently, will also come in canned form, according to PhillyMag, making it the perfect pick-me-up when you're out and about. 

ReAnimator Coffee - Traditional Iced Coffee

310 West Master Street | 1523 East Susquehanna Avenue 
Iced Coffee ReAnimator
Iced Coffee at ReAnimator Coffee. (Daniel Craig/PhillyVoice)

With many local coffee vendors entering the cold brew race, ReAinamtor has taken a different approach. They brew a double batch of coffee and filter it through one-half as much ice and water as normal. This is done to preserve the floral and citrus flavors of your typical cup of hot coffee without watering it down. 

Ultimo Coffee - The Lady Idido

1900 South 15th Street | 2149 Catharine Street
iced coffee ultimo
The Lady Idido iced coffee at Ultimo Coffee. (Ultimo Coffee/ Instagram). 

The Lady Idido is iced coffee with an iced tea twist. This brew pairs their iced coffee brew, using imported beans from Ethiopia, with a lemon and lavender syrup, giving it a hint of Earl Grey Tea. While light and refreshing, it still has a distinctive coffee taste.

Oyster House - Long Island Iced Coffee

1516 Sansom Street
Long Island Iced coffee
Long Island iced coffee at The Oyster House. (Oyster House/Handout)

Here's an iced coffee that will knock you on your butt. Made with cafe-infused whiskey, a forfeited wine and Yards Love Stout, this creation tastes like coffee but kicks like a cocktail. With traces of orange and lime and a bit of Kahlua, this strong and creative blend is a must.