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April 21, 2015

Watch: 94-year-old Philly native's 'Rocky' style training video for Penn Relays

Penn Relays Inspiration
Scotty Tony Ciavolella/Youtube

George "Scotty" Scott trains for the Penn Relays in a "Rocky" style video

At the ripe age of 94, South Philadelphia native George "Scotty" Scott is training hard for the 121st annual Penn Relays.

Scotty gave a sneak peak of his exercise routine in a video of him preparing to participate in the event set for this weekend. Now a resident of Ann's Choice Retirement Community in Warminster, Pennsylvania, Scotty can be seen shooting hoops, lifting weights and passing on a meal of raw eggs while the theme to "Rocky" plays in the background.

Adam Roma, a friend of Scott's, admires the senior's work ethic in the video.

"It's motivation for me because I have some aches and pains at age 44, and if he can do it at his age, there's no excuse," Roma said.

"Scotty here is probably the fastest guy in the United States in his age group," said his trainer Dave Marovich. 

Scotty will be participating in the 75 and older 100-meter dash at 3:40 p.m. on Saturday, April 25 at Franklin Field.

"I'm trying my best," Scott said in the video.

Scotty's story is inspiration enough. However, it would be nice if he did one thing on Saturday: