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August 29, 2015

The best passages from #TrumpBible

As Donald touts love of book, Twitter pokes fun

One of the less controversial but consistently present themes of Donald Trump's presidential campaign has been his love of the Bible. 

The Republican hopeful, who continues to dominate polls, has touted his Presbyterian faith in recent speeches and interviews, calling Christianity's most important book his favorite (with "The Art of The Deal" as his second favorite, of course). 

In an interview with Bloomberg Wednesday, Trump dodged a question about his favorite Bible verses, calling the subject "personal." Yet while he won't reveal which passage is the one he likes best, Twitter was more than happy to choose for him.

The tweets that followed when #TrumpBible started trending weren't directly lifted from the book. Instead, they inserted the billionaire and reality television star into biblical times, skewing well-known parts of the New and Old Testaments with a dash of "The Donald." Here are some of the most creative takes on the Bible, according to Trump:

The trend became so popular that it spawned an account dedicated to #TrumpBible, which already has more than 60,000 followers. The account was actually launched in 2012, according to the page, but it looks like whoever runs it is now capitalizing on the viral sensation.