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December 01, 2017

The best of Twitter's 'Me in My State' meme: Pennsylvania edition

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Pennsylvania Welcome Sign S.MacMillen/Wikipedia Commons

A Pennsylvania welcome sign in McKean County.

In case you hadn't heard, Pennsylvania switched its tourism motto earlier this year from "The State of Independence" to "Pennsylvania, Pursue Your Happiness," a beaming nod to the Declaration of Independence.

It sounds inviting enough, and the folksy font conjures up farmer's markets, Rennaissance fairs, glimmering creeks, string bands and cricket songs on the mountainside. These are some of the state's more salient markers of identity, right? The colonial heart, the industrial gut and a self-important East Coast mindset.

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For much of the past week, Twitter has been riffing on a fun meme, "Me in My State," in which users around the country follow the same A-B format. 

In one statement, you're supposed to share what you say about your home state when you're in it. The second statement is meant to show how you brag about your home state to everyone else, or how you trash it. 

This has been such a fun exercise that we decided to round up some of the best "Me in My State" tweets from Pennsylvania. Fair warning, some of these get fairly explicit.