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April 02, 2015

Bill Nye, Bon Jovi to speak at Rutgers commencements

Rutgers University's Board of Governors announced Thursday who will be speaking at the 2015 commencement ceremonies at each of its campuses. 

Students at Rutgers-New Brunswick are in for a treat after launching a Twitter campaign to get Bill Nye (the Science Guy) to speak at their graduation, according to

Evidently, #BowTie4BillNye and a $35,000 speaking fee were enough to lure the prominent scientist, whose popular TV show inspired a generation to embrace the marvels of experimentation. Nye will speak at the May 17 event and receive a doctor of science degree. 

Rutgers-Camden will have rocker and philanthropist Jon Bon Jovi take the stage May 21, joined by Bryan Stevenson, executive director of Equal Justice Initiative. They will receive, respectively, a doctor of letters and doctor of law degree.

Finally, Mellon Foundation President Earl Lewis will speak at Rutgers-Newark on May 21 and will receive a doctor of humane letters degree. 

Here is Bill Nye last month discussing how curiosity kept our ancestors alive.