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January 04, 2018

Brandon Brooks: I came to the Eagles to win it all

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The season went exactly as I thought [personally] and I was happy to accomplish that [making the Pro Bowl]. I came here and chose to come here because it’s a real family atmosphere and a super close-knit, and also to win it all.

The season I had with some individual accolades are good, and I’ll enjoy that more in the offseason. I’m trying to get to the Super Bowl, man. I’ll enjoy those once we get to where we need to be.

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Are you pleased with the season, team wise? You won the NFC East, you’re hosting the NFC playoffs. You guys accomplished a lot of things that no one really expected this team to do.

Within the locker room, we expected it. Whether it was before the season, and people predicted us to finish whatever, or whatever our record was, we knew what we were about and we knew what we could do, and knew what we could accomplish.

It’s been that way all season, people saying we can’t do this, or we can’t do that. Losing people, and because we lost this person, we weren’t going to be the same, this, that and the other.

People have stepped up in people’s places and have done a hell of a job.

What do you say to the naysayers, what do you say to the negativity that has been around this team lately?

Nothing. We don’t pay it no mind.

People are always going to have opinions and say what they want. That’s why the games are played Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.

Does your playoff experience help you when you played for the Houston Texans?

I actually made the playoffs twice when I was Houston, my rookie year and my fourth year. It’s good to have the experience and what it’s like to step up from the regular season to the playoffs — and the atmosphere. You can’t replace experience when it comes to things like that and we have the right group.

And being back in pads to practice this week, I think it says something about the character of this team that you asked your coaches to do that.

We wanted to put the pads to get as close to game-like conditions. Guys are out there flying around, having fun, and hitting people, man. That’s what the game is about. It shows this team will do whatever it takes to win, even on days off.

What’s on your mind?

Everything is all good. Taking everything day-by-day and we’ll go from there.

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