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June 01, 2016

Brits mistake City Council President Darrell Clarke for soccer coach

Fans think Philly politician is club manager on Twitter

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Two Darrell Clarkes Brian Hickey/Bristol Rovers/PhillyVoice/Twitter

Some English soccer fans are mixing up Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke, pictured left, with Bristol Rovers manager Darrell Clarke, right.

As someone who shares a name with a person much more famous than myself, I can sympathize with Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke.

According to the Bristol Post, Clarke has been getting support, praise and criticism from several Twitter members in England over the past year or so, but not because of his work on the city budget.

Instead, fans of the Bristol Rovers, an English football club, have been tweeting at Clarke because they're mistaking him for the team's manager, who's also named Darrell Clarke. Here are a few examples from the Post, which refers to Philly's Clarke as the "President of Philadelphia":

About a year after the phenomenon started, it's still going on:

Some Brits caught their mistake:

Clarke has recently acknowledged the mix-up, complying with a fan who said a retweet would "mean the world" to him.