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May 01, 2015

Build your own fire pit this summer

One of the sweetest smells of summer is the smokey aroma of a backyard fire. 

If you're dreaming of hosting a backyard campfire this summer, but don't want to spend anywhere between $100-$1000, there's plenty of ways to utilize what's already sitting in your garage to build your own.

So if you're looking to entertain your friends around a fire pit without breaking the bank, here are a few ways to build your own.


Got a shovel? Good. This natural fire pit will take a bit of manpower, but requires few materials. You'll need to dig a tunnel between two holes to give the fire oxygen, and you'll want to line some rocks around the side for safety.

Weekend Project

This one may require a trip to your local home improvement store. However it shouldn't cost you more than $100, and provides the ability to cook more than just marshmallows. Ignore the terrible music selection in the video, because it contains a thorough tutorial of what you'll need and how to build the pit.

Table Top

Maybe you're not looking for a backyard monstrosity, and simply want a tiny flame to sit on your patio dining table. This tutorial requires some materials that probably aren't lying around your shed -- you'll need some cement -- however, you'll be able to impress your friends over an outdoor dinner with your new centerpiece.