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May 11, 2017

Prosecco popsicles might be the greatest invention of our time

051117_Popsprosecco @Popspopparazi/Instagram

POPS champagne-flavored popsicles.

Celebration can come in many forms — always best with Kool & the Gang — but on a hot summer day, nothing else beats a delicious popsicle.

Maybe even three or four of them.

What if you could turn those ice pops into a real, formal celebratory treat, like the bubbly you pop open on New Year's?

POPS, a company based out of the U.K., has done something so obviously thinkable it's a wonder nobody in the U.S. beat them to it. While we were busy fussing with Jell-O shots, the POPS team developed a deluxe line of frozen treats with flavors including Prosecco, Bellini, Rosé and Moscow Mule.

The company offers three different product lines: Naughty, Nice (no alcohol, just fruit) and Bespoke for the top shelf stuff.

Here's the part that hurts: These things are not yet available in the United States and there has been no timeline given for any anticipated arrival.

You want to make America great again? Here's how. In the meantime, Philly, you can get alcohol-infused ice pops this summer at Moshulu's renovated decks on the Delaware River waterfront.