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United Kingdom


Gopuff acquires U.K.-based Fancy to kickstart international expansion

Gopuff Europe


Human challenge trials may advance knowledge of COVID-19, but they remain controversial

COVID Human Challenge Trials


The U.K. variant is spreading rapidly, sparking debates about the U.S. vaccination rollout

COVID-19 testing in US


Brazilian coronavirus variant can cause reinfections, new research finds

P.1 variant Brazil


Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine cuts risk of asymptomatic infection, U.K. data shows

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine


U.K. coronavirus variant rapidly advancing through the United States

U.K. variant U.S. cases


U.K. coronavirus variant may be more deadly, new data suggests

COVID UK Variant Deadly


Traveling abroad? Get a COVID-19 test before coming home, CDC says

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions


Scientists hope antibody treatment can prevent COVID-19 after exposure

COVID-19 Antibody Treatment


U.K. authorizes Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, upping the pressure on the FDA

COVID-19 Vaccine United Kingdom


Loss of smell sudden and more severe with COVID-19 than with colds, flu

Loss of smell COVID-19


'Happy hypoxia' mystifies experts in some COVID-19 patients

Happy hypoxia COVID-19

Adult Health

Air pollution increases the chance of going blind, study finds

High pollution levels in cities linked to rise in glaucoma


You can get a workout by watching a movie – if you're at the theater

Watching a movie in the theater may be good for you

Men's Health

Men with testicular cancer may only need one round of chemo, study says

less chemotherapy testicular cancer

Children's Health

Babies' frequent hiccups may be tied to brain development, scientists say

Why do babies hiccup so much?

Children's Health

Teens are losing sleep over social media

teens sleep social media

Health News

Green tea ingredient may prove key to slowing antibiotic resistance

Green tea antibiotics

Men's Health

A new blood test for prostate cancer may prevent unnecessary biopsies


Men's Health

No, putting toothpaste on your penis will not improve your sex life

Toothpaste premature ejaculation

Healthy Eating

Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher likelihood of stroke

Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher likelihood of stoke


Why you may want to skip the mouthwash during your post-workout cleanse

Woman Gargles Mouthwash 09052019

Health News

New Juul vape prevents teen use with facial recognition, age verification

juul apology

Women's Health

Mediterranean diet may be antidote to unhealthy weight gain, gestational diabetes in pregnant women

Mediterranean diet pregnancy


'Revolutionary' study uses common cold virus to attack bladder cancer

cold virus attacks bladder cancer


Alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer — and few women know that

alcohol breast cancer risk


A weekly total of two hours spent in nature promotes optimal health and wellness – study

Carroll - Walking in Rittenhouse Square

Healthy Eating

This is the 'Goldilocks' amount of blueberries to eat daily for improved heart health

blueberries heart health

Adult Health

PSA: Stop wearing lanyards while driving

lanyard safety


Parkinson's: four unusual signs you may be at risk


Alternative Medicine

Lavender is rising through the ranks of anti-anxiety medications

lavender anxiety treatment

Healthy Eating

Intuitive eating: a 'diet' that actually makes sense

Healthy Meal Sensible Eating 04092019


Millennials' trendy diets causing zinc deficiencies, in some cases

millennial food zinc deficiency unsplash

Children's Health

Social media influencers may have the ability to sway kids' eating choices

junk food kids unsplash


John Oliver returns with focus on Brexit and quick shot at Will Smith in 'Aladdin'

john oliver brexit III hbo

Women's Health

Swelling and painful feet: how to solve the most common foot problems when you're pregnant


Adult Health

The biology behind night owls' struggle in the 9-to-5 lifestyle

night owl unsplash


Your eye color might make you more susceptible to seasonal affective disorder

eyes pexels

Mental Health

Having trouble concentrating? A new app can help fix that

decoder app peak


Cancer-detecting 'breathalyzer' begins large trial in United Kingdom

cancer breathalyzer

Health News

Did you know wounds heal faster during the day? Here's why


Royal Family

Kensington Palace confirms Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is pregnant with first child

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