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August 02, 2015

Chip Kelly says Mychal Kendricks isn't going anywhere

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080215MychalKendricks Matt Rourke/AP

Mychal Kendricks ain't getting traded, according to Chip Kelly.

After the trade of Brandon Boykin, a common reaction by fans on social media outlets was something to the effect of, "Mychal Kendricks is next."


According to Chip Kelly, Kendricks will be a part of the Eagles' logjam at ILB in 2015. "Mychal Kendricks is not going anywhere. I can tell you that right now. You can write that down in ink, not pencil."

Kendricks said that Kelly reminded him that he'd be in Philly after practice ended today. "I think he reiterated it just now, letting me know that (the media) would be asking me these kinds of questions."

Like Boykin, Kendricks is in the final year of his rookie deal. He was asked if the Eagles approached him about a contract extension. "Nope, but that doesn't even matter, man. We're here to play ball, and to do the best that we can do while we'll here. 'After the season' is after the season. I'll worry about that then. Until then I'm just going to ball out like I've been doing."

So there you have it. Kendricks will be an Eagle in 2015. In 2016... Eh.

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