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May 01, 2015

Chip Kelly's Oreg ... er ... Pac-12 bias

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050115NelsonAgholor Mark J. Terrill/AP

Nelson Agholor was the eighth Pac-12 player drafted by the Eagles during the Chip Kelly era.

Chip Kelly loves himself some Oregon players. There are currently nine of them on the roster, and Kelly tried to trade up to draft a tenth last night. This is not breaking news -- Eagles fans have had Chip's #DuckBias beaten into their heads by us media folk for the last two years. However, Chip's #Pac12Bias is right up there with his #DuckBias.

When the Eagles made USC WR Nelson Agholor their first round pick last night, they selected their eighth Pac-12 player in just 16 picks since Chip Kelly took over as the Eagles' head coach. That is the most in the league during that span by a comfortable margin: 

 TeamTotal picks Pac-12 draft picks Percentage 
 Eagles16 50 
 Panthers12 33.3 
 Packers21 28.6 
 Bears15 26.7 
 Vikings20 25 
 Chargers13 23.1 
 Saints13 23.1 
 Titans15 20 
 Steelers19 15.8 
 Colts13 15.4 
 Jets20 15 
 Bills15 13.3 
 Chiefs15 13.3 
 Cardinals17 11.8 
 Cowboys17 11.8 
 Falcons18 11.1 
 Raiders19 10.5 
 Seahawks20 10 
 Texans21 9.5 
 49ers24 8.3 
 Browns13 7.7 
 Buccaneers13 7.7 
 Giants15 6.7 
 Patriots16 6.3 
 Redskins16 6.3 
 Jaguars18 5.5 
 Dolphins18 5.5 
 Rams19 5.3 
 Bengals19 5.3 
 TOTAL542 72 13.3 

The total tally: Two Ducks, two Trojans, two whatever the hell the plural version of Stanford's mascot is, a Beaver, and a Ute.

 PlayerPosition School Year Round Overall 
 Zach ErtzTE Stanford 2013 35 
 Matt BarkleyQB USC 2013 98 
 Joe KrugerDE Utah 2013 212 
 Jordan PoyerCB Oregon State 2013 218 
 Josh HuffWR Oregon 2014 86 
 Taylor HartDE Oregon 2014 141 
 Ed ReynoldsStanford 2014 162 
 Nelson AgholorWR USC 2015 20 

Interestingly, the offensive players from non-Oregon Pac-12 schools put up some impressive statistical performances against Kelly at Oregon:

• Nelson Agholor vs Oregon, 2012: 6 catches, 162 yards, 1 TD

• Zach Ertz vs Oregon, 2012: 11 catches, 106 yards, 1 TD

• Matt Barkley vs Oregon, 2012: 35 of 54, 484 yards, 5 TD, 2 INT

• Matt Barkley vs Oregon, 2011: 26 of 34, 323 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT

Familiarity is great, as long as the players Kelly selects are good. So far, it's a mixed bag, and that's being generous. Ertz looks like a quality player, and many are expecting Huff to make a leap in 2015. However, Kruger, Hart, Reynolds, Poyer and Barkley have appeared in a combined seven career games for the Eagles, although to be fair, they were all drafted in the fourth round or later. 

To be determined what becomes of Agholor.

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