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December 24, 2015

Community supports N.Y. dad whose wife died in childbirth

Megan Cosgrove died in November, the day after giving birth to a son

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"Declan will never see the beauty of his mother’s smile but her beauty will transcend in his face forever," Eddie Reina, a friend of Megan Cosgrove.

A New York police detective and U.S. Marine is navigating life as a new dad alone this holiday season after his wife, Megan, unexpectedly died in November shortly after giving birth to their son, Declan.

The exact cause of Megan's death is under investigation. But that's not the only unknown Dennis Cosgrove has been left to face since the death of his wife.

"I always used to say that my only saving grace, when it came to parenting, was that I knew what an amazing mother Megan would be," Cosgrove said in an interview with the TODAY show. "I always thought anything I didn't know how to do, she'd teach me." 

He said the main lesson he's learned from his loss is the goodness of others. 

"A couple of [positives] I can take from this are, of course, my son, and also that it has honestly restored my faith in humanity to see how people have helped us. It makes me want to be better, too," he told TODAY.

Read the full TODAY show interview here.

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