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June 18, 2020

Former Eagle Donovan McNabb joins Kevin Hart on quarantine series 'Cold Calls'

Comedian, North Philly native continues web series with Number 5

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Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback joined comedian Kevin Hart for an interview on "Cold Calls," discussing everything from Campbell's Chunky Soup to Terrell Owens.

Kevin Hart is probably still drunk from the night the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII. A recent conversation with former quarterback Donovan McNabb seems to prove it.

McNabb appeared Thursday in a new installment of Hart's improvised "Cold As Balls" web series, which usually features the comedian and a special guest in a pair of ice baths. It's part of the comedian's Laugh Out Loud network. 

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Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the series has been converted into "Cold Calls," which began this week with 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman. McNabb conducted his interview from a memorabilia lair in his home.

Topics covered in the conversation include McNabb's basketball aspirations at Syracuse, the Campbell's Chunky Soup commercials, the never-ending drama with past "Cold As Balls" guest Terrell Owens, and McNabb's Pro Bowl appearances.

Earlier this year, McNabb presented Hart with a signed game-worn jersey during a Super Bowl week appearance. 

The real head shaker here is Hart's atrocious attempt to sing the Eagles fight song at the end of the interview. The amount of stammering and lyrical amnesia would put any inebriated Eagles fan to shame. The only thing to conclude is that Hart has been drunk for more than two years since he tried to lift the Lombardi Trophy with the Eagles in Minneapolis.