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January 01, 2017

Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane ejected from press box during game

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The Eagles and Cowboys are playing a Week 17 game that is meaningless in the standings, and you could argue that one of the most interesting talking points from the game happened in the press box.

During the second half, Philadelphia Inquirer beat writer Jeff McLane was ejected from the press box:

The incident began when McLane was initially told by Zach Groen, a member of the Eagles public relations staff, that journalists in his row of the press box were speaking too loudly. Here is what he told

McLane said he and the other reporters snapped back at Groen. Gordon said McLane told Groen to "shut up," though McLane said he did not use those words.

McLane said after the initial sparring, he decided to talk about the issue with Groen in a room outside the press box.

McLane said the discussion was "a slight argument, but nothing out of the ordinary." After a few minutes, McLane said, both men returned to the press box.

Anne Gordon, the Eagles' senior vice president of marketing, media and communications, came back 15 minutes later and ejected McLane for, in her opinion, violating the press box's "well-understood code of conduct." She told that McLane's ejection won't change his ability to access the team's facilities in the future.

Gordon, ironically, is a former managing editor of the Inquirer. 

Les Bowen, who covers the Eagles for the Philadelphia Daily News, offered his take on the story in real time on Twitter:

We will check back in with any new information if and when it becomes available.