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February 24, 2017

Eagles will receive Browns' fourth-round compensatory pick as part of Wentz deal

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The NFL typically announces compensatory picks at the yearly owners meetings every year. This year the league unexpectedly announced them a little early. 

As expected, the Eagles were not awarded any compensatory picks, but they will receive one that was awarded to the Browns. Here's the full list, via Adam Schefter of ESPN:

When the Eagles traded up from the eighth-overall pick to the second-overall pick in the 2016 draft, the Eagles categorized the trade as such:

Browns get Eagles get 
 2016 1st round pick (8th overall)2016 1st round pick (2nd overall) 
2016 3rd round pick (77th overall) 2017 4th round pick 
2016 4th round pick (100th overall)  
 2017 1st round pick 
 2018 2nd round pick 

That wasn't necessarily accurate. The Eagles did not receive the Browns' original fourth-round pick. Rather, the Browns agreed to give the Eagles a fourth-round compensatory pick at the tail end of the fourth round if they were awarded one. If they were not awarded a compensatory pick in the fourth round, the Eagles would instead receive a fifth-round pick.

As it turns out, the Browns were awarded two fourth-round comp picks. The Eagles will receive the greater of those two picks, at 139th overall. In other words, the Eagles were guaranteed at least the 145th overall pick in the fifth round, but will now receive 139th-overall pick in the fourth round instead. Wooooo!

Here is the Eagles' updated slate of picks.

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