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June 29, 2015

Egyptian TV show pranks Paris Hilton with fake plane crash

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06292015_ParisHilton MyFailFactory/YouTube

Paris Hilton on the Egyptian TV show, "Ramez in Control."

Pranks can be funny, until they are taken too far.

Paris Hilton was recently the subject of a horrifying hoax on Egyptian actor Ramez Galal's prank show, "Ramez in Control."

A YouTube video from the episode shows Hilton being invited on a jet for a 15-minute aerial tour of Dubai with Galal and other passengers. A few minutes into the flight, the pilot begins maneuvering the plane to make it appear as if it is crashing.

For minutes, Hilton and the other passengers scream and panic. One passenger opens up the jet's side door and tosses another man out.

When the plane finally lands safely, Galal tells Hilton he is an Egyptian actor and everything was just a prank. Seemingly confused at first, Hilton yells at the host, "I'm going to kill you." 

"I almost thought I was going to die," she says, crying. "That's been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane."

The celebrity later tweeted about the terrifying experience.

Some social media users felt Galal went too far.

Watch the video below.