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April 13, 2015

Entrepreneurs offer healthier options in their vending machines

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Entrepreneurs South Carolina Dynamic Healthy Vending/

The founders of Dynamic Healthy Vending: Quincy Halliday (L), Philip Nix (c) and Ben Boland (R).

Whether you're in the cafeteria at school or the kitchen at the office, most vending machines are stocked with the usual junk-food staples: chips, snack cakes, sodas, etc.

Well, some South Carolina entrepreneurs are providing healthier options for students and workers looking to satisfy their appetites. Dynamic Healthy Vending stocks machines with foods like Clif bars and coconut water, USA Today reports.

The company was founded as a side gig for the brains behind the company. Now, their vending machines are available in schools and businesses in South Carolina for those looking to ditch the typical snack food options.

Quincy Halliday, one of the company's founders, told USA Today that he hopes the machines have a ripple effect, especially for kids:

"We think down the line if we have kids in middle schools eating theses healthy snacks, they'll go home to their parents and say, 'Hey I got these Popchips at school. Can we get these?'" 

What's better, the company donates 15 percent of its sales at a school directly back to that specific school. According to the company's website, the goal is to promote health and wellness in the community.

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