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October 06, 2015

Todd Fedoruk says Philly cops ‘took care’ of Flyers who were driving drunk

Todd Fedoruk spent five seasons of a nine-year NHL career in Philadelphia. Now that the 36-year-old former enforcer’s playing days are over, Fedoruk is discussing some of the substance abuse issues he dealt with while in the NHL.

In an article told to TSN’s Rick Westhead, Fedoruk gets into specifics of how drugs are a part of NHL nightlife. One of the details that particularly stood out? Preferential treatment from police officers, especially in Philadelphia:

Like getting pulled over by the cops. You're drunk, but they're like, 'You're drunk, but get home, take care of yourself.' For me it happened a few times. Driving around and you had a few drinks, and the cop could tell but he was a season ticket holder. So he'd follow you home. I guess it's a good thing but it enables bad things down the road. I'm not saying it happened every night. 

It depends on where you are. In Philly, there's a history of (police) taking care of us.

Later in the article, Lieutenant John Stanford of the Philadelphia Police Department offered a statement to TSN:

"We typically don't respond to the remarks of others; however, I will just say that the department would not condone any member giving someone 'special treatment' because of their career or personal status. The law is the law and our responsibility is to enforce it and uphold it, and if it is determined that an officer violated that oath, then he/she will be disciplined accordingly."

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