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April 13, 2016

Feds: Philly man stole dead mother's retirement benefits

Son allegedly took thousands from Social Security payments after mom passes away

A Philadelphia man is accused of illegally taking retirement benefits from his dead mother more than four years after she passed away.

Federal prosecutors announced Wednesday that Daryl McCall, 60, is charged with one count of theft of government funds by way of his parent's Social Security benefits.

McCall's mother died on or around March 14, 2009, at which time no other individual was entitled to receive her benefit payments, according to authorities.

Despite McCall allegedly knowing this, he withdrew $52,314 in Social Security payments from his mother's bank account from the time of her death until Social Security officials learned of her passing in August 2013, prosecutors say.

If convicted, McCall faces a possible maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, supervised release, a fine equaling the stolen funds and a $100 special assessment.