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May 15, 2015

Five for Friday: Kate Faust

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Kate Faust 2 Lendl Tellington /for PhillyVoice

Singer-songwriter Kate Faust.

Singer-songwriter Kate Faust is taking the music industry by storm. After only 24 hours live on iTunes, her single, "Never Felt So Lonely," has already inspired 23,000 downloads. Read on to learn more about this emerging electro-pop artist. 

Why is Philadelphia such a great place to be a recording artist?

It's a city that has so many different layers. You can enter into a cocoon-like space and really work on your craft (which I did for many years). But, there's also an incredible community of people to share your work with and to build with, which I'm doing now.

Did you always want to be a singer and songwriter?

Yes. It sounds silly, but I found a journal of mine from when I was in first grade and it had songs written in it. Looking at them, I immediately remembered how they sound.

Where in Philadelphia do you like to dine? 

Cafe La Maude right in Northern Liberties is always incredible. Every dish is always well thought out and the fusion of flavors is awesome. And it's run by a family. You can feel the love.

What's your favorite part of the recording process? The most difficult part?

Well, my favorite part is when I'm first constructing a track and I'm building synthesizers and drum sounds. It's such a thrill when you get the right sound and the song starts to live in those different textures. My least favorite part would be mixing. I still love it, but I'm a perfectionist so it needs to sit just right with me.

What are you up to this weekend?

This weekend my plan is to sequester myself and work on music. Get some solo time in my studio and some good practice time. It's so essential for my mental and spiritual health. Also, I may be playing a secret show at a secret location in Philly on Sunday night.