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February 10, 2016

Five Philly-area chocolatiers for Valentine's Day sweets

Where to find the perfect treats for your date, lover or significant other

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Shane Confectionery.

Every February, no matter how stable and healthy our relationships may be, the approach of Valentine's Day tosses everything we hold dear into a grand test of affection and creativity. What kind of message will your gift send? Would a night at a romantic restaurant or a home-cooked meal make for a more special occasion? No matter what you do to make the right impression, it's crucial to remember the chocolate.

In Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, we have plenty of top-notch chocolatiers with rich traditions in boxed sweets and boosted serotonin. Here are five great local spots where you can buy chocolates for the special person in your life.

Lore's Chocolates

34 S. 7th St.

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Lore's Chocolates.

Any chocolatier that manufactures the majority of its products at the old factory of The Goldenberg Peanut Chew Company is bound to be a beneficiary of that delicious legacy. Lore's Chocolates offers a vast selection of seasonal assortments, milk chocolates and dark chocolates. From vanilla buttercreams to toffee, marshmallows and chocolate-covered pretzels, Lore's is a perfect option for tasty treats.

John and Kira's

163 W. Wyoming Ave.

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John and Kira's.

Launched by an enterprising couple in 2002, John and Kira's goes the distance to source its high-quality ingredients from producers around the United States. The store's varied collections feature multiple themes and flavors, including fruit squares, apricots and figs for those who prefer a healthy alternative. Standouts include the caramel towers and Every Flavor collection, while Valentine's Day special sales will allow you to spend a little bit more on your primary gifts.

Stutz Candy

400 S. Warminster Road, Hatboro

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Stutz Candy.

If you're looking for an old-fashioned touch, Stutz Candy in Hatboro brings five generations of experience to its craft. Established in 1938, Stutz has a complete collection of chocolates and an enticing option to construct a personalized mold that will convey the exact message you want your significant other to hear. In addition to Valentine's Day truffles, cordial cherries and sugar-free collections, Stutz also offers brittle, nuts and fudge. Best-sellers include the chocolate pecan patties, almond toffee butter crunch and pretzel gift boxes.

Shane Confectionery

110 Market St.

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Shane Confectionery.

The industrial history and rebirth of Shane Confectionery stretches back to the 19th century and follows a family's adherence to the hand-crafted methods of authentic chocolatiers. With the preservation of Philadelphia's confectionery past as its guiding mission, Shane offers a broad choice of Valentine's Day chocolate assortments, caramels, nonpareils and even a Thomas Jefferson Nightcap Jar that combines some of the purest milks and darks into a drinkable, Colonial-era pleasure.

Mueller Chocolate Co.

Reading Terminal Market

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Mueller Chocolate Co.

Whenever Philadelphians are in a gift-related bind, we remember that Reading Terminal Market is synonymous with quality and satisfaction. Mueller Chocolate Co., a family owned and operated business since 1980, has you covered for a last-minute addition to your bundle of goodies. Equal parts classic and decadent, Mueller-made chocolates come in every assortment your loved one could possibly crave, from truffles and bars to more contemporary concoctions like the Tower, which includes Oreos and Rice Krispies Treats. Plus, if you want to be completely literal about your love, you can even find anatomically accurate chocolate hearts.