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August 31, 2016

Flyers unveil 50th 'Golden Anniversary' jersey to usual back-and-forthlash

Team will wear special uniforms for 12 games in Philadelphia

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083116_GirouxFlyersJersey Source/AAA Mid-Atlantic

Claude Giroux wears new jersey in 'NHL Hitz' inspired graphic.

As the Philadelphia Flyers organization turns 50 years old — sadly, without the late Ed Snider present — the team on Wednesday released a new gilded uniform for the upcoming season.

At a skyscraper press conference at One Liberty Place, Flyers President Paul Holmgren presented the new jerseys, which he said were designed and finalized with the approval of Snider late last year.

The only truly discernible differences with them are the gold numbering and trim, the 50th-anniversary patch, and the patterns of orange, black and white — not to say there wasn't a careful process to perfect them. Holmgren said between 10 and 12 designs were considered in all. 

For a special jersey that will be worn during 12 home games this year, the immediate fan reaction (negative, clearly) was really just practice-complaining for when there's more to complain about. This graphic is so cool it got three whole A's! Who would want to be such an A-hole about this jersey? 

The main reason not to like these jerseys has to be a distaste for the color gold. A few fans think it's too Penguin-y. 

Even the Penguins do...

Others just don't like it, well, because. 

Maybe the announcement itself got people cranky. As PhillyMag's Dan McQuade noted, the press conference was delayed because Claude Giroux allegedly got stuck in traffic. (Look, at least he didn't miss a game, like all these heroes once did). 

In today's warp speed social media climate, general impressions can quickly take a turn for the better, though. Within a few hours, people started to like the jersey. 

And most importantly, the Flyers themselves seem pleased. 

The anniversary jerseys haven't yet appeared on the Flyers' official team shop, but those who purchase 50th Anniversary Season Ticket Memberships will get one with the package.