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September 08, 2017

Former Phillies player Lenny Dykstra hits on Lena Dunham via Twitter

Former Philadelphia Phillies player and, um, interesting person Lenny Dykstra is trying to capitalize on "Girls" creator Lena Dunham's recent interest in baseball players.

On Thursday evening, Dunham tweeted that she was "horny" for baseball players. "Wow!" she added, for whatever reason.

Dykstra, who is on Twitter despite it likely being against his best interest, responded by asking Dunham to message him and sending her a song by Garth Brooks.

She bit:

And he bragged about his athletic accomplishments with the hated New York Mets:

Of course, the romance did not last long. After looking through his Wikipedia page,  which includes, among other things, accusations of sexual assault, she called him a "landmine of repugnance."

And thus, she came to the following conclusions: 

(Warning: The following tweet contains profanity)

This, of course, did not stop Dykstra from making sexual advances toward Dunham, who shot him down.

A man who was convicted on charges he forced housekeepers to massage him by wielding a knife is trying to court a woman who once said she wishes she had an abortion and berates people she assumes don't want to sleep with her.

There are many good things about Twitter. This is not one of those things.