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May 12, 2015

Gambling website sets Eagles over/under win total at nine games

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051215ChipKelly Mark Tenally/AP

Former Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

In each of Chip Kelly's first two seasons as head coach of the Eagles, he managed to guide them to 10 regular season wins. This season, gambling website set the Eagles' over-under for total regular season wins at nine.

That actually ties the Eagles for the seventh highest over-under in the NFL. Bovada's full list of odds:

Team Over-under Team Over-under 
 Packers11 Steelers8.5 
 Colts11  Dolphins8.5 
 Seahawks11  Lions
 Broncos10  Texans
 Patriots10  Chargers
 Cowboys9.5 Rams
 Eagles9  49ers7.5 
 Ravens Jets7.5 
 Cardinals8.5  Bears
 Falcons8.5  Dolphins
 Bills8.5  Browns6.5 
 Panthers8.5  Redskins6.5 
 Bengals8.5  Buccaneers
 Chiefs8.5  Jaguars5.5 
 Saints8.5  Raiders5.5 
 Giants8.5  Titans5.5 

Overs I like

• Lions: The Lions have a great run defense (Suh out, Ngata in) and an explosive offense. Last season, they won 11 games, and it didn't seem like it was flukey. I'll take the Lions to win 8+ games all day.

• Bengals: Nobody likes Andy Dalton, and while the Bengals can't win playoff games, at least they're reliably good during the regular season. The over-under for Cincy is 8.5, and they've won at least nine games in each of the last four seasons.

Unders I like

 Jets: Geno Smith is going to lead the Jets to a winning record? Please.

• Giants: I keep seeing that the Giants are this greatly improved team. How exactly?

• Falcons: Atlanta has won five games per season the last two years, and it's not as if their QB went down. Their defense stinks and their offense is overrated.

Bills: The Bills are a promising team, but their QB is Matt Cassel. The ceiling is low.

What about the Eagles?

I think 9 is a good number, but if I'm leaning one way or the other, I'll take the under. (Ducks)

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