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November 11, 2015

Good Good Comedy welcomes DNC to Philly with biting parody video

'Philadelphia: We're trying our best!'

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Good Good Comedy Screenshot/YouTube

A still from Good Good Comedy's "Welcome to Philadelphia, DNC!"

Kate Banford and Aaron Nevins, the duo behind Five Dollar Comedy Week, currently gift audiences with their particular brand of humor every week with Good Good Comedy. With programming similar to those at FDCW, their shows are always good for a laugh. 

In anticipation of their Saturday, Nov. 14 show, "Party Lines," and the Democratic National Convention coming to Philly this July, Good Good Comedy created a special welcome video for politicians. The biting video satirizes everything from Philadelphia's poverty rates and homeless population to its obsession with Rocky and the Citywide Special. Check it out below.

At "Party Lines" this Saturday, Good Good Comedy will be talking about the DNC, local politics and recent debates, complete with special guest and recent City Council Candidate Andrew Stober. Max Barth and Joe Messina will host the show at Plays and Players Theater. Tickets are just $5 and available online