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October 08, 2016

Report: HaverCat, Haverford College's library cat, looking for a permanent home

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Founders Hall, completed in 1833, sits at the center of Haverford College's upper campus and serves as an icon for the college.

Faculty at Haverford College are looking for a more permanent home for a feline who's taken quite the liking to its Main Line campus after sustaining a bit of an injury.

His real name is Valentino, but is better known by the student body as HaverCat. Recently, the cat - who has quite the social media following on both Facebook and Instagram - had to be taken to the vet.

Dawn Heckert, the circulation services and building coordinator at the school's library, told that she found the cat crying with a swollen leg. A trip to the vet found that HaverCat may have been hit by something heavy, or even hit by a car.

"We are looking for the next step," Heckert told

For now, HaverCat is staying with another faculty member.

Though he only wandered into the campus in December, HaverCat made quite the impression on many.