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December 21, 2017

Here it is, the best Philly TV news interview of 2017

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CBS3 Funny Interview CBS3/Screenshot

Thank you for being you, Mike Doan of Bucks County.

Sometimes, as a journalist, you just luck out.

No, not in a "breaking a giant story" or "landing a huge scoop" sort of way. But in a "I can't believe how silly and amazing this is" way.

I imagine CBS3 producer Brandon Longo felt some version of that after landing this video interview with Mike Doan of Croydon, Bucks County. 

Apparently, PennDOT crews were trying to remove a highway sign over I-95 on Wednesday, but it was much heavier than expected and fell on the roadway.

In the ensuing traffic jam, CBS3 caught up with Doan. Was he concerned about being stuck in gridlock? Nope. Because he just maybe saw some shooting stars. Per CBS3:

“It’s terrible man. I was in the car smoking a cigarette and I thought I’d seen a shooting star. We were far back from the cars … but I thought it was shooting stars going into the air. But here the sign fell down or they were cutting it up or something. I thought it was a bunch of shooting stars, I was making a bunch of wishes.”

Everything about it — the accent, the cigarette, the belief he witnessed a celestial event — is perfect.

The funnier moments in Philly TV news often happen with the on-air anchors and personalities. Many times, though, it's from these classic man-on-the-street interviews. Thanks for the early Christmas gift, Mike and CBS3.