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March 19, 2017

Here's how you can get your face on a Philadelphia billboard

Want to join the likes of Sam Hinkie, Seth Williams and chemtrails by appearing on an area billboard?

Here's your chance. 6ABC has long promoted its users to take a #VanSelfie — a selfie with one of its news vans — and post it to social media.

Now, the news station is picking one lucky winner's #VanSelfie to appear on one of its billboards.

The station said on Facebook the winner will be randomly selected. In an email, Mike Monsell, vice president and director of creative services for the station, said the promotion will pull from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but only use photos from public profiles.

The photo used for the billboard will be randomly selected, and Monell said the promotion will run in the "weeks to come" with an unspecified end date.

This much is probably sure: You won't get on the billboard if you go the route of the late @TomBroDude and relentlessly troll the station's hashtag. But if weird Philly Twitter catches wind of the contest, that'll probably happen anyway.