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July 29, 2016

Hillary and Donald are hot baby names right now

Melania, Ivanka, Bill and Chelsea have also recently risen in the rankings

There may soon be a lot of little Hillarys and Donalds running around on the playground.

According to a recent report by BabyCenter, which looks at baby naming trends among other things, the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees are influencing parents’ child naming decisions.

BabyCenter reports that as of the first half of 2016, Hillary rose 142 percent over its ranking in 2015, and Donald is up by 8 percent.

Melania and Ivanka, the names of Trump’s wife and daughter, as well as Bill and Chelsea, after the Clintons, have also risen in this year’s rankings.

Compared to last year, the name Melania has risen in popularity by 36 percent and Ivanka by 4 percent, while Bill has risen by 113 percent and Chelsea is up 18 percent, BabyCenter found.

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