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April 25, 2016

‘Hinkie Forever’: Sixers fans take out billboard acknowledging former general manager

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042616_Hinkie_AP Derek Bodner/Twitter

Here's the billboard on I-95

Drive down I-95 toward the stadiums, and you will often see one of the pro or college teams selling something on a billboard. Maybe it’s Temple football trying to sell tickets or the Eagles welcoming Carson Wentz to town. Not often, though, do you drive past the image of someone who used to be affiliated with a team. Billboards are generally reserved for the future, not the past.

For example, there weren’t any “We Stand with Craig” billboards at this time last year when the Flyers made a coaching change. Well, thanks to The Rights to Ricky Sanchez and LL Pavorsky, that trend has changed:

As you can see, they’re promoting a lottery party that has taken on a life of its own since it began two years ago. This year’s is happening at Xfinity Live, and I would be stunned if that place isn’t completely filled with Process Trusters screaming at ping-pong balls on the night of May 17th. For an event that requires only five minutes of focus like the lottery, I recommend it.

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