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January 17, 2024

Jason Kelce stops at McDonald's in Delco, signs Eagles jersey for drive-through employee

And despite reports of his impending retirement, Kelce said he's still weighing his options on Wednesday's episode of the 'New Heights' podcast

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Jason Kelce McDonalds Nathan Ray Seebeck/USA TODAY Sports

Eagles star Jason Kelce visited a McDonald's in Broomall Wednesday morning and autographed a drive-through employee's No. 62 jersey. Kelce is expected to retire, but during Wednesday's 'New Heights' podcast, he said he hasn't yet made a decision.

Jason Kelce's week has been an emotional whirlwind since the Eagles' playoff loss to the Buccaneers Monday night. A man of the people, Kelce did what many of us do when we're in our feelings — he went to his local McDonald's in Broomall on Wednesday morning for a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, FOX29 reported.

Drive-through employee Danielle Bonham told the TV station that Kelce autographed her No. 62 jersey in kelly green. Kelce, who lives in nearby Havertown and had met Bonham before, smiled from his car as Bonham posed for a picture inside the store.

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"I’m forever grateful and very fortunate to have crossed paths with him as many times as I did, and I just wish him nothing but the best," Bonham said.

Kelce, 36, appeared tearful toward the end of Monday's game and declined to speak with members of the media. Reports surfaced Tuesday morning that Kelce informed his teammates that he plans to retire, but on Wednesday's episode of the "New Heights" podcast, which he hosts with his brother, Travis, the 13-year Eagles veteran and Philadelphia icon left the door slightly open for a possible return. He acknowledged the reports that had "leaked" but said he still needs time to come down from the disappointment of the Eagles' season ending before he makes any official announcement.

"I just don't think you're in a position after a game like that to really make that decision. I just don't," Kelce said. "There's too much emotion in the moment. There's too much going down in the moment to really fully grasp that decision."

Kelce has contemplated retirement in each of the last few years, sometimes waiting to see what offseason changes the team makes before making his decision. He became emotional again during Wednesday's podcast, appearing to fight back tears as he shared gratitude for his teammates.

"I'm not trying to be dramatic and continue to draw this thing out," Kelce said. "I'm really not."

During an interview session with media members at the Eagles' practice facility on Wednesday afternoon, Kelce repeated that he doesn't yet know what he's going to do. For the time being, he said he's excited to watch his brother's Chiefs in the playoffs and possibly head to Orlando, Florida with his family to participate in the Pro Bowl.

Regardless of Kelce's future plans, Eagles fans are already campaigning for the city to memorialize him with a statue. Several petitions have gone up on to erect a monument for Kelce, including one that seeks to put his statue outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art — in Mummers attire — as a tribute to his legendary Super Bowl victory speech.

"The proposed statue will serve as a permanent reminder of our city's resilience, unity, and unyielding spirit - values embodied by Jason Kelce’s stirring words that day," the petition says. "Let us immortalize this significant piece of our history for future generations to draw inspiration from."