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July 09, 2019

Philly-based NeuroFlow, Jefferson Health team up on better mental health treatment

Digital platform will have a focus on postpartum depression

Mental Health Postpartum Depression
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NeuroFlow is a digital health app for tracking, assessing and managing mental wellness. A doctor or behavioral health specialist can help you sign up for the app.

Postpartum depression is an area of mental health care beginning to gain some traction in terms of treatment, awareness and media coverage, but there is still room for growth.

Now, Jefferson Health is teaming up with NeuroFlow, a Philadelphia-based health care tech company, on a new digital health platform that gives providers tools to be more involved in their patients’ mental health, with a focus on postpartum depression.

The HIPAA-compliant platform allows the conversation surrounding the patients' health care management to continue between visits to the office, Jefferson Health announced.

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The platform, which includes a mobile app, will allow clinicians to assign surveys to patients, set reminders, encourage mindfulness and meditation sessions, according to news release from Jefferson Health. Data is collected from the platform and passed along to providers for review of any outlier behavior or struggles with treatment.

The product, created collaboratively by Jefferson and NeuroFlow, will be distributed to patients at 20 locations in Jefferson’s network spanning primary care, OB-GYN and behavioral health.

"We're looking beyond older models of delivering care and finding ways to enhance treatment for our patients," said Dr. Michael Vergare, professor and chairman of psychiatry and human behavior at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. "NeuroFlow helps us to reinforce the work we are doing during our traditional appointments and provides a better way for clinicians to partner with patients to monitor their progress during treatment."

NeuroFlow is used by more than 450 medical professionals nationwide in an effort to emphasize the benefit of collaborative care.

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