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October 11, 2015

Jersey woman charged with issuing phony divorce documents

Allegedly forged judge's signature to make papers look real

Charges Divorce
Anastasya Varvaryuk. Passaic County Prosecutor's Office/AP Photo/Contributed Art/Stock

Anastasya Varvaryuk.

Going through a divorce is a difficult process, but one New jersey woman is charged with making the ordeal even more difficult.

According to prosecutors, 29-year-old Anastasya Varvaryuk of Elmwood Park sold fake divorce documents to clients and forged the signature of a judge to make them look real. 

Varvaryuk, who operated out of Empire Multi Services in Clifton, is not a licensed attorney, authorities say. 

According to the company's LinkedIn profile, the business provides a number of services, including legal affairs. 

She is charged with practicing law without a license and forgery, which could mean between three to five years in state prison.