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November 09, 2017

Bar celebrating anniversary with 'Back to the Future' menu

Great Scott! Jet Wine Bar is turning seven

Food & Drink Specials
Jet Wine Bar Courtesy of PUNCH MEDIA/PhillyVoice

Inside Jet Wine Bar.

Jet Wine Bar wants to travel back in time to the year 2010, when it opened on South Street. For a week, beginning Nov. 10, the wine bar will be cracking open bottles from that first year.

By sipping the vintage reds and whites, available for $9-$16 a glass, Jet hopes to transport guests back in time.

Sticking with the time travel theme, Jet is incorporating a movie with one of the most-loved time machines into its seven-year anniversary party.

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There will be cocktails and dishes with "Back to the Future" names. Below are the specials.

•The Flux Capacitor ($9) - Served with vodka, lime, Crème de Violette and mint.
•Great Scott! ($9) - Served with scotch, vermouth, bitters and orange peel.
•The Delorean Pizza ($12) -  Made with green peppers, capicola, fresh mozzarella and garlic-tomato sauce.
•Nobody-Calls-Me-Chicken Wings ($11) - Wings will be slow-roasted and tossed in orange-chipotle sauce.
•Outathyme Hummus Plate ($8) - Lemon-thyme hummus will be served with fresh vegetables and toasted pita.

Jet will also have "Back to the Future" and other time travel movies and TV shows – "Twilight Zone," "Quantum Leap," "Star Trek," "Dr. Who" – playing on a loop.

Jet Wine Bar Toasts to Seven Years

Friday, Nov. 10 through Thursday, Nov. 16
Jet Wine Bar
1525 South St.
(215) 735-1116