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June 02, 2015

John Oliver 'drinks' a Bud Light Lime for Sepp Blatter

FIFA president Sepp Blatter resigned Tuesday amid a corruption scandal. The news may have delighted no one more than comedian John Oliver.

Oliver, the host of "Last Week Tonight" on HBO, went off on Blatter during his show Sunday night for the ex-FIFA boss's handling of the scandal. During his tangent, Oliver pleaded for FIFA sponsors to pressure the organization into ousting Blatter.

One of those sponsors is Budweiser. Oliver said he would drink one of the company's Bud Light Lime's on air if they helped force out the embattled Blatter, despite him saying that the drink tastes like a "puddle beneath a Long John Silver dumpster." Clip begins around the 11:20 mark. 

After the news broke of Blatter's resignation, Oliver tweeted a picture of the beverage with just one word. 

It should be noted that there's no indication that Budweiser or any other FIFA sponsor was responsible for the president leaving office.