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November 21, 2018

Let's get health care right

A message of hope

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The struggle to build a more perfect union has gone on for centuries. While at times it may seem that the rift is too wide to ever navigate, we have always forged ahead with a uniquely American path.

When the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, there was much debate – and hyperbole – on all sides surrounding the costs and benefits. Some concerns were certainly understandable as there was a lot of change.

But the sky did not fall.

Businesses and consumers found suitable coverage. Hospitals absorbed new enrollees and insurance markets adjusted. And 37 states expanded Medicaid to millions of our most vulnerable citizens. Best of all, 26 million more family, friends, relatives and neighbors have the health care they need and deserve. But there are millions more still left out of the system. Every other fully developed country in the world has managed to provide access for all. Why can’t we create something distinctively American using the power of our free enterprise system to ensure competition and choice for all?

The American people want it.
We have the moral obligation to get health care right.

Yes, it is easier said than done. But we put a man on the moon in eight years. And we carry in our phones technology that would have been unimaginable just ten years ago. Surely, we can make health care work for everyone. Getting there will require leaders to tone down the divisive rhetoric and tune up the respect and cooperation. Insurers, health systems, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, all health care stakeholders, public health officials, and elected officials must form unlikely partnerships to figure out how to reach universal coverage at an affordable price.

So, as we sit down to give thanks, let’s appeal to the higher ideals that our founders envisioned and find a way to get health care right once and for all.

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