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January 06, 2019

Live free agency updates: Phillies may have the highest offer to Machado, plus the latest MLB trade rumors

If the Phillies want to get stupid with their money, now is definitely the time. 

Manny Machado's decision on where to play next season (and for the foreseeable future) could come down any day now, and while the Yankees appear to be the infielder's preference, the Phillies may be offering him some things their northern neighbors can't, or at least aren't willing to.

First, as we mentioned on Saturday, the Phillies are reportedly willing to let Machado play shortstop, despite the addition of Jean Segura. But that's not all. The Phillies also may be willing to include the most amount of years of any of the teams currently bidding on the 26-year-old free agent — the Yankees, for example, reportedly believe eight years is enough. 

And most importantly, according to Jon Heyman, the Phillies may also be offering the most money.  

Now, it's already been well documented that Machado likes the idea of playing in New York, but that's assuming the offers are all the same. If the Yankees are on the lower end of that deal — say, eight years at $200 million — and the Phillies are slightly over that $250 million number, then they would be offering something much more appetizing. 

But what if they decide to get really stupid? Could they up their offer to something closer to $300 million? More than that? 

The Phillies were looking set to dominate the winter headlines in this city, but so far, they've done anything but. And with the Eagles getting set to embark on their title defense in Chicago on Sunday, Matt Klentak and Co. are really going to need to make a big splash if they hope to steal some of the defending Super Bowl Champions' thunder.

If the Phillies do manage to make some news on this football Sunday, we'll have you covered with all the latest free agency news and MLB trade rumors as the winter hot stove burns on.

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