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February 06, 2022

NBA trade rumors: So is James Harden unhappy in Brooklyn or what?

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UPDATE [2:30 p.m.] — For what its worth, the head coach of the Nets Steve Nash flat out denied that James Harden would be traded before the trade deadline, despite him being held out of the last two games for minor injuries:


The bombshell news that the Sixers were in talks with the Nets for James Harden — before the trade deadline this coming week — more or less set the conversation going forward as the team looks to find a worthwhile return for disgruntled All-Star Ben Simmons.

As with any report that leaks out with impeccable timing, one must ask who spoke to a reporter and why? And the simple fact might be that Daryl Morey is doing his best to try and force Brooklyn's hand, regardless of Harden's intentions.

Whether or not Harden is happy in Brooklyn, and if he would return to the team next year when he has the option to part ways with them is a truth only known to the former MVP and his inner circle. 

Is Kevin Durant part of that inner circle? He would probably tell you he ways, and here's what he has to say about the whole matter:

If Harden is indeed buying in to Brooklyn's title chase, and if he does not intend to go somewhere like Philly (meaning he won't sign an extension with the team) this could all be for nothing.

Which means there really could be a whole lot of nothing for the Sixers after the deadline passes — with the Simmons drama continuing on into yet another offseason. And Joel Embiid being left to lead the team as currently constructed to an improbable Finals run.

But for those holding out hope, we've got you covered. Will Sunday be the last slow news day before Thursday's deadline? Will more Harden and Simmons news trickle out as you enjoy your football-free Sunday?

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