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April 20, 2015

Lou Williams wins NBA Sixth Man Award

The former Sixers guard received the award for the league's top player off the bench

What a year for Lou Williams. First, he gets prominently featured at the beginning of a song (NSFW) from one of the most popular recording artists in the world (who also happens to be his team's "global ambassador," whatever that means):

Boomin' out in South Gwinnett like Lou Will
6 man like Lou Will, 2 girls and they get along like I'm...
Like I'm Lou Will, I just got the new deal

Actually, that wasn't first. As you might be able to decipher in Drake's second line, Williams' dating life caused a pretty big stir toward the beginning of the NBA season. To top it off, he was rewarded with the league's Sixth Man Award after one of his best years along with the 2011-12 campaign while playing under Doug Collins in Philly. For Toronto, Williams was very much a boss. Here's some video of the very brief press conference:

Due to his isolation style, Williams was always a player that got criticized more than he should have in Philadelphia. I know this because I was one of the people with the loudest criticism. He wasn't a lockdown defender or pure point guard, but Lou has always been a pretty dominant lead guard coming off the bench. For a guy that is only shooting 41 percent from the field for his career, he always found a way to be a really efficient scorer by doing tricky stuff like this:

Oh man, do I miss the Lou-For-Ones, too. Lost in all of the rap videos, Williams also did some notbale work in the community. Who can ever forget the time that he treated the man who attempted an armed robbery against him to McDonald's on Christmas Eve, for instance? Today, he donated the car he won along with the award to a charity. Let's be honest here, Lou wasn't ever going to be seen driving around in a Kia: