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February 14, 2016

Malaysian BYOB Saté Kampar opens on East Passyunk Ave.

Traditional restaurant in South Philly serves up meat skewers, coffees and coconuts with a straw

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021416_SateKampur Source/Facebook

Saté skewers on charcoal grill.

Philadelphia's restaurant scene is on a roll with skewers. Last month, Double Knot opened in a Midtown Village as a coffee bar by day and an underground Japanese-style izakaya by night. In February, we get Saté Kampar, a Malaysian BYOB whose speciality is char-grilling marinated meat on bamboo skewers and serving up coconuts with a straw.

Led by chef-owner Ange Branca, Saté Kampar brings a fresh Asian Fusion concept to East Passyunk Avenue that will not only satisfy South Philly's taste buds, but also educate diners on the cuisine of the Malay Archipelago. If you're looking for an authentic experience, this is a place you'll want to put on your list. Branca's expertise comes straight from her family roots, including a godmother who was once a recipe writer, according to Eater Philly.

With seating for around 50 people, the BYOB offers a full range of traditional Saté, salads and optional vegetarian dishes, and a coffee selection modelled on Malaysia's Kopitiam, or coffee shop

The saté, cooked over a grill using coconut shell briquettes, comes in two forms. Saté Kajang douses a spicy peanut sauce over your choice of chicken, beef, goat, fish, or tofu, served with cucumbers and pressed rice cubes. Saté Melaka, on the other hand, features a pineapple peanut sauce over chicken, pork or tofu, served with cucumbers and Hainan bread.

Despite the BYOB label, Saté Kampar's coconut drinks are so essential to the theme that they get their own dedicated bar. Branca even hopes to bring in a "machete man" to hack open the coconuts on the spot. 

Check out the full Saté Kampar menus here and take a six-pack over to 1837 E. Passyunk Ave. Branca says the traditional restaurant is a rarity in the United States, so Philly should feel privileged to welcome yet another exemplar of our city's diversity.