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March 02, 2017

Map finds most beloved superhero in Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Batman, Spider-Man or Wolverine?

A recently released map tackled the task of finding the most popular superhero in each state and the top pick for Pennsylvania and New Jersey is none of the above. – a website used to sell CDs, DVDs, books and more – took a look at Google search data to find the most beloved characters across the country. The top choice for Pennsylvania? Marvel Comics' Captain America, according to the findings published last week. 

New Jersey's favorite character is DC Comics' The Flash. 

Only three other states, including Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin, favored Captain America most. New Jerseyans were most similar to residents in Maine, Kentucky, Virginia and Hawaii, who also favored The Flash.

Across the country, Marvel Comics' Spider-Man won over seven states, claiming the title of most popular, while the rest of the U.S. was pretty divided. Jessica Jones won over Oregon, California and Vermont, while Superman was Ohio's No. 1 pick. Iron Man was the top choice in Minnesota, Montana and Connecticut. 

Check out the full list from here.