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May 23, 2017

Mayor Kenney talks sanctuary cities on '60 Minutes' and people freak the heck out

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0711_Kenney_ICE_Immigration Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Jim Kenney advocates for "sanctuary city" policies during a rally at LOVE Park in July 2015.

Mayor Jim Kenney appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

The “Churches, Synagogues Openly Defy Trump’s Immigration Crackdown” segment also featured the city’s Arch Street Methodist Church which “was built by Abraham Lincoln’s favorite minister.”

That church was included in the segment because of the Rev. Robin Hynicka’s commitment to making it a “sanctuary church” that’s allowed a landscaper who came from Mexico illegally 20 years ago to live in the basement for the past six months.

Javier Flores Garcia’s decade-old DUI would put him directly in the crosshairs of an ICE deportation mission hopped up on performance-enhancing Trump fuel. 

Many people, including a president of the United States who'd just love to illogically and dangerously strip federal funding from sanctuary cities like ours, would like to see people like Garcia rounded up, driven to the border and kicked out of the back door.

“It's injustice and oppression, all of which is evil,” Hynicka said. “When a human being's human rights are denied, when they can't stay with their family, when they can't work, when they can't participate in the community in which they have deep roots, all of those apply.”

Hynicka is absolutely right and what a blessing it is that Philly can call him one of our own.

60 Minutes Tweeted out a 45-second clip of its interview with Kenney. 

In it, he says what I’ve heard him say just about any time the issue has come up at a local press conference: Get a warrant and we’ll comply.

You can watch that here:

And you can see lowlights of the predictably moronic reactions to it below:

You didn’t expect a story about immigration to pass without Byko weighing in, did you?