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May 15, 2016

McDonald's says 'brand ambassador' won't visit schools anymore

Science teacher claimed that the 'McDonald's Diet' helped him lose weight

A McDonald's "brand ambassador" who preached the benefits of the "McDonald's Diet" will no longer make visits to schools, Reuters reports.

John Cisna, a former science teacher from Iowa, claims that he lost 37 pounds by eating McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 90 days straight.

His book My McDonald's Diet was lavished with praise from such luminaries as Matt Lauer and the author's mother-in-law. (No, really. One of the blurbs in the 'Praise for John Cisna' section of the book says, "Great book...Just great!!!!!!!! And I say that not because you are my son-in-law.")

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McDonald's hired Cisna as a brand ambassador in 2015 to share "his story about the importance of choice and balance."

His Twitter shows him giving presentations in high schools, business meetings and conferences.

Shockingly, not everyone agrees that young students should be taught to lose weight through eating french fries and Big Macs. A petition protesting Cisna's work with McDonald's, created by a mom from Houston, Texas, got almost 90,000 signatures.

"As our brand ambassador, John is focused on internal and local community events, and he is not appearing at schools," McDonald's said in a statement to Reuters on Friday.

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