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February 28, 2017

Video: Meek Mill under fire for making homeless man do pushups for money

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meek mill homeless pushups @YamaEmilie/Twitter

Social media users expressed outrage this week after Meek Mill posted a video that appears to show the rapper challenging a homeless man to do pushups for money.

When we last checked in on the North Philadelphia-born rapper, he was tumbling head over heels outside his mother's house in the wake of a snowstorm.

While Meek Mill scored some goodwill for having a sense of humor about his misfortune and sharing it on Instagram, he now faces a backlash for a recent post to his 11 million followers.

On Friday night, Meek Mill used the photo-sharing app's Stories feature to share videos documenting his interaction with a panhandler, who apparently is homeless.

The feature erases photos and videos from the user's timeline after 24 hours, but the video was preserved by multiple media outlets.

Check it out here:

It's unclear when or where the incident occurred, but the video begins with the man holding a paper cup with shaking hands as Meek Mill says, "No, no, no, Give me 10 pushups and I'll give you $20 right now. We ain't giving out no free money."

Later, the man is shown on the ground performing 20 pushups as Meek Mill counts. However, the rapper didn't post video of any money exchanging hands.

On Twitter, many users were critical of Meek Mill's actions:

Meek Mill hasn't responded to the backlash.