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July 29, 2016

More details emerge about Wawa incident involving Fox News host Sean Hannity

Now that the Democratic National Convention has concluded and Philadelphia returns to normal, it's time to reflect on the week's events.

How successful was Hillary Clinton in her attempt to unify the party? Did the event effectively court undecided voters? How does Clinton's vision for America compare to Donald Trump's?

That's where most Americans will focus their attention.

Sure, Philadelphians will too. But, more importantly, local residents want to know what exactly happened when a Fox News host and a Bernie Sanders delegate confronted each other inside a Center City Wawa.

Rumors began circulating on Twitter in the wee hours of Tuesday morning that something happened. There was even photographic proof that Hannity was at a Wawa:

The early narrative was that Sean Hannity was being rude and customers, as the local crowd is wont to do, booed the out-of-towner out of the store.

On Twitter, Hannity smartly downplayed the incident.

Thankfully, the Sanders delegate was able to shed some light on the matter.

Jonathan Paul Fox, of East Lampeter Township, told Lancaster Online what happened when he left McGillin’s Olde Ale House and entered the Wawa at Broad and Walnut Streets at 1 a.m.:

"An overtly friendly and charismatic guy, Fox said he walked up to Hannity when he saw the conservative commentator inside. Putting his hand “gently” on Hannity’s shoulder, he said, “My name’s Fox. I’d like my good name back from your channel.”

Fox said he was trying to be funny but the TV personality took it the wrong way. He said Hannity turned to him and told him to “get his hands off” him or he would “pulverize” him."

That's a perfect scenario for some miscommunication. Everyone is hungry and getting some food. Fox is touching a stranger and trying to be funny after leaving the bar. Hannity does not know what to think and has bodyguards at his side.

The account continues:

"Then, with his bodyguards at his sides, Hannity was leaving when Fox said he yelled, “See ya, Lumpy.” (The “Lumpy” reference came after former “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart returned to his late-night form last week, eviscerating Hannity and calling him “Lumpy’)

It appeared to get under Hannity’s skin when Fox yelled it, he said, because Hannity turned around and was furious. Fox said Hannity ushered him outside where Hannity started to put up his fists when a police officer walked by. The TV show host tried telling the officer that Fox was harassing him, but the officer just ignored him and kept walking, Fox said."

Then, everybody went their separate ways and had a story to tell.

And with that, another legend was added to Philadelphia lore.

Now, the city must find out how South Philly residents were able to survive a week not being able to park on the median of South Broad Street.